Jeffrey and family

Jeffrey Greenman was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He comes from a long lineage of attorneys starting with his Grandfather, a Harvard graduate and order of the coif recipient at the University of Florida School of Law. His father, John Greenman, is the founding partner of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, the oldest Plaintiff personal injury law firm in the state of Nevada. Jeffrey Greenman absorbed the passion of the law from his family and was drawn to the Plaintiff side as well, believing that the little guy needs to have the bigger voice.

Mr. Greenman graduated from the University of Washington in 2003 with degree in economics and a minor in philosophy. He then attended Chapman University School of Law on an academic scholarship where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 2006.

Mr. Greenman initially worked with Carney Shegarian, one of the most successful employment lawyers in the State. Later Mr. Greenman was hired by Mike Alder, at the prestigious AlderLaw firm in Beverly Hills, California.

While at these firms, he focused his attention on the high quality representation of Plaintiffs who suffered catastrophic personal injuries.
Mr. Greenman decided to go out on his own in 2008 and has been in practice for himself ever since.

His unyielding dedication to growing his practice and treating his clients as human beings have been the kingpin of his success. Fighting insurance companies against their abusive practices of denying claims and looking for discounts to increase profits is no easy task and takes a dedicated attorney to do it right. Mr. Greenman is personally responsible for verdicts and settlements totaling over 75 million. Mr. Greenman holds the record for largest settlement in the state of California for an attorney under 30. In addition, his recent 1.2 million Medical Malpractice verdict is said to be one of the highest ever for an attorney of only 30 years old.

Mr. Greenman believes in quality over quantity. He does not run a “mill” firm where the volume of cases is held in higher regard than the client’s needs. Mr. Greenman has earned the ability to be selective in taking the cases he believes in. All of our clients are given personal attention and have an actual attorney working on them.