Settlement in a West Hollywood brain damage case where a 34 year old woman leaned on a fourth floor hotel railing which was improperly installed causing her to fall.


Verdict/settlement in Los Angeles where a boy was injured in a roll over


Settlement against a public entity for a dangerous road condition.


Verdict in San Diego where a young man suffered brain damage after a collision with a reckless driver.


Settlement in Bakersfield for injuries sustained in an auto-accident involving a drunk driver.


Settlement on a Medical-Malpractice case in Norwalk where a man was left sedated and restrained to his hospital bed while he had an ongoing bleed in his mouth. He choked on his blood and now remains in a vegetative state.


Judgment in San Diego for a Semi-Truck driver who was chaining up near Mt. Shasta when another truck driver lost control and collided into his truck, throwing him 10-20 feet into the highway.  Plaintiff developed a somatoform disorder resembling a stroke that was irreversible.


Settlement in Los Angeles for a woman who broke her ankle after falling down a ladder put in place by a service technician at her home.


Arbitration Award against Kaiser Permanente arising out a slip and fall where my client broke her arm and required surgery.


Verdict for a Torrance man who was injured during a shoulder surgery where a doctor negligently damaged his axillary nerve and deltoid muscle, leaving his arm useless.


Total settlement for a woman who was injured in an auto accident. Several vehicles were involved and we garnered the lion's share of the policy for our client


Settlement in San Diego where a man was crushed between his vehicle and a tow truck hit by an oncoming drunk driver.


Settlement for a premises liability case where a woman fell down non code compliant stairs.


Settlement for a bay area man who was punched in the face by a bouncer who was also a professional MMA fighter. With one punch my client was leveled to the concrete, suffering severe injuries.


Settlement for a couple rear-ended by a semi-truck causing mild traumatic brain injury as well as other orthopedic injuries.


Settlement for a young man who was injured in a slip and fall at a night club where a dance floor panel was removed leaving a large hole.  The client underwent back surgery for his injuries.


Settlement on a medical malpractice case where the facility allowed a known mentally unstable patient to room with our client. The unstable patient attacked our patient and caused further damage requiring another surgery.


Settlement for a man who was hit by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.


Settlement for a man who was rear ended while riding a bicycle.  He ruptured his spleen and had 50% of it removed.


Settlement for a moderate impact auto accident. The client was treated for soft tissue injuries only and did not require surgical intervention. The case was resolved very shortly after filing suit.


Settlement for a woman who was misdiagnosed and treated with radiation for cancer she did not have.


Settlement (partial) in Orange County for a woman who suffered nerve damage after being hit in the face with a garden hose.


Verdict in Riverside, California for a botched Gallbladder removal surgery.


Verdict (award) on a medical malpractice case where a 38 week pregnant woman complained of decreased fetal movement to her OBGYN at Kaiser Permanente. The OB told my client to go home and eat some cookies. The baby died as a result of the Doctor’s failure to run basic testing.


Medical malpractice settlement against a facility who failed to recognize and treat a woman who had the beginning stages of complex regional pain syndrome.


Civil rights case settlement against a local Sheriff’s department.  Our client was complying with the demands of officers at a distance of over 25 feet when he was shot in the face twice.  This resulted in damage to his jaw and teeth.


Settlement in Orange County for a motorcycle driver whose tire popped due to improper installation causing severe injuries.


Settlement against a local government for a road design defect that led to the death of father of two.


Settlement against a medical provider for failing to timely diagnose and treat an infection.


Settlement for a man who fell through the floor of a hotel bathroom.


Premises liability result against two defendants for failure to warn regarding the use of a motorized scooter and dangerous condition of a property, which resulted in a fall.


Settlement for a young girl who was attacked by a Great Dane causing upper lip scaring.


Settlement for a young woman who ingested a BBQ brush bristle which fell off while a grill was cleaned and became embedded in a piece of chicken at a friends BBQ.  The 10mm piece of metal wreaked havoc internally resulting in a surgery.


Settlement for a man who was injured falling off his bike after hitting uneven pavement near a construction site.


Settlement for a Las Vegas pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle in a parking lot and lost consciousness.


Settlement for a girl injured in a t-bone accident which required surgery.


Settlement for 2 clients who were driving a golf cart at a friend’s house at night when they drove it into a hidden slack line, both passengers suffered severe facial injuries.


Arbitration award in Rancho Cucamonga for a young boy who sustained injuries in a routine Gall Bladder surgery.


Settlement in a Long Beach medical malpractice case involving a woman burned by equipment during a cystectomy procedure.


Settlement for a man who was injured by a falling tree at a holiday tree lot.


Settlement in a medical malpractice case wherein a sponge was left in my client’s eye requiring him to undergo a corneal replacement surgery.


Settlement for a woman who was parked and sleeping at a rest area, when a semi-truck crashed into her vehicle, throwing her out of bed. The client required shoulder surgery.


Settlement for a woman who fell in a parking lot on a wheel stop, breaking her arm.


Settlement in San Francisco for a woman injured in an auto accident, she was not wearing her seat belt.


Settlement for a semi-truck driver who was rear ended and suffered soft tissue injuries.


Settlement against Garden Grove Police for police brutality against an Egyptian immigrant.


Settlement on a bad faith claim against an insurance company in their handling of our client’s uninsured motorists claim.

Numerous verdicts and settlements under $250,000.00